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About Us

Yes, SCbiochem is a trading company of all kinds of ingredients, most focused on human health supplement raw materials and exporting mainly to the United States, and European countries. We follow the trend of all kinds of innovative ingredients. Reliable and quality are what we care about the most. Flexible service is what we mean to do to each customer.


Our Story

The year 2015, was the first year we start in the health industry, it's quite a range of products to choose to sell. Seeing the market, the Chinese supplier occupies most of the ingredients supply chain side, which also leads to uneven quality and services.

So why SCbiochem?
After of years experience exploring the market, we have made the mind of choosing the top potential ingredients and always focus on the new trend. By working with the top factories and labs, making sure each batch of products comes with original certificates of anaysise, HPLC test reporting, MS reporting, etc.

Flexible service means we strive for the best solution for different customers, sample orders or bulk orders fast response, and quick shipping via express, by air, or by sea. For years of rich experience, we have gathered a branch of powerful and flexible freight forwarding agents, which will make sure goods arrive safely and quickly without any customs issues.

It's not just exporting!
COVID-19 brings challenges and new opportunities.SCbiochem is not just exporting but also importing now. China's huge population means huge potential for health supplements. Here people also long for good supplements for the west. Here we may find a way to cooperate to do win-win business.

What We Do?

Our Suppliers

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